Welcome to Process Applications

Tissue manufacturing in today’s global market is demanding and ultra
competitive. Consumer Demand for Quality and Softness are critical to your success. Yet, Energy Costs are at an all time high, Highly Efficient Productivity of your Machines is Required for Streamlined flow for your Converting Process or Customer, and Corporate Demands for Profitability are Strong. Maximum Uptime, Maximum Quality, Minimum Energy Consumption, Lowest Waste Possible. These are the Goals Demanded of You as a manufacturer.

You need Every Tool possible in order to satisfy these demands WHILE minimizing your production costs. In times such as these, you
cannot default to the Status Quo in your selection of Performance Chemistry Suppliers – YOU MUST CHOOSE THE BEST.

Process Applications, Ltd. is THE BEST MANUFACTURER OF PERFORMANCE CHEMICALS FOR THE TISSUE INDUSTRY. This is what we do. This is ALL WE DO. We have been doing this for 26 years to date and have had ONE OWNER - LONG TERM EMPLOYEES WITH EXPERIENCE FROM THE TISSUE INDUSTRY.

  • Yankee Adhesives
  • Yankee Modifiers
  • Yankee Release Agents
  • Wet End and Topographical Softening Agents
  • Profile Enhancing Fabric & Felt Conditioning Agents

Tissue Manufacturing – This is your business. Making your Process Better is our business. An audit of your machine will show you our capabilities – a trial on your machine will show you our superiority to the Status Quo. Let us work together to make your machines better.